You are struggling with a chronic condition and are frustrated because nothing has made a lasting impact.

  • You finally want to get to the root cause of your health issue.
  • You are tired of only treating your symptoms.
  • You need customized healing strategies that consider your unique situation.

Know that you have come to the right place…

I am here to save you time, frustration and money by being able to give you a customized healing strategy that will treat the root cause of your health issue – not just the symptoms.

As a Medical Doctor and Medical Intuitive, I have the unique ability to discover the root causes of your illness. I am one of only a few doctors worldwide, who is also a medical intuitive. This unique combination allows me to quickly consider all factors involved in your illness, and help you heal by giving you customized solutions.

Through my extensive medical knowledge, my numerous certifications in alternative healing modalities and my intuitive skills, I can offer you the best of both worlds, finding solutions that work for you.

Western medicine has many benefits, but when it comes to chronic illness the approach of only suppressing the symptoms does nothing to help you heal.

Healing is possible when you realize that health is a combination of the right emotional, mental, spiritual, nutritional, energetic and environmental factors.

Once you understand what makes you sick, and you have the right strategies available to reverse this process, your body can heal itself.

My medical intuitive sessions and online healing seminars have only one goal in mind: to empower you by giving you the proven tools and techniques, so that you can heal yourself and transform your life.

Medical Intuitive Sessions

Medical Intuitive Sessions

Get to the Root of Your Health Challenge quickly.

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Aweking your Inner Healer

Awakening Your Inner Healer

Discover the essential tools and techniques to activate the source of healing inside of you.

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 It is my joy and honor to guide and assist you in this exciting journey!




praise michaela

“I participated in one of Dr. Katharina Johnson´s seminars about a year ago and with Katharina´s help I was able to work out a personal issue that had bothered me for years. Katharina is a woman with great knowledge, empathy and intuition. She really helped me a lot and I am still using the techniques that I learned successfully in my daily routine.


Michaela Wartbichler, Graphic designer

praise michelle v“Dr. Katharina Johnson is perhaps the most skilled, accurate and genuinely helpful medical intuitive I have worked with in 20 years. I have referred many patients to her over the last 3 years and in each instance her contribution to their care and recovery, without exception, has been significant. Personally I have benefitted greatly from her work, and though one can rarely say this, I have felt tremendously improved, both physically and emotionally, after each and every telephone session. As a medically trained MD in Europe and avid seeker of continuing academic and spiritual growth the breadth of her offerings is vast. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Dr. Michelle Veneziano, Osteopathic Physician

praise eve“Working with Katharina empowered me to take my well-being into my own hands. She gave me easy to follow exercises that I can apply in my daily life. More importantly, I feel connected to my inner strength and wisdom, which I am grateful for.”

Eve Simon, Coach